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The collective is starting to take ownership of their womanhood / manhood: becoming more conscious of the impact of their environment on their well being and more responsible with the decision to bring a new life. An incremental number of studies show the close interconnection of our soul / mental / emotional and physical bodies. The physical body being the last and visible manifestation of our unconscious programming. All is energy. All is vibration.

Conception and Pregnancy requires now future parents to have an increased awareness.

Couples approach me:
* to conceive (conscious conception or as a support to IVF)
* to have a conscious pregnancy (enhanced connection with the child soul)
* to prepare for their positive birth (hypnobirthing ) and postpartum recovery
* to recover from wounds (prior birth, abortion, miscarriage, assault) to name just a few.

A child soul's original blueprint starts to be alterated before conception by its parents behaviors and environment (epigenetics). The new souls coming into this world today have a higher consciousness and body frequencies. This reality requires an energetic approach to pre and post-natal preparation and practices by both partners. 

The body frequency gap can explain a lot of the infertilities for both men & women and miscarriage. The unconscious root cause of reproductive issues are unique to each individuals. However in the cases that I met, the root cause often originates:
* from a chronic stressful lifestyle (causing an hormonal imbalance impacting the reproductive hormones, which can be regulated NATURALLY. YOU HAVE THAT POWER!) + stress building up from unsuccessful IVF.
* a rejection of femininity and masculinity - most often totally unconscious -  (consequences of their own parents models, their unease with their own sexuality, a total disconnect with their body - which manifest in women with endometriosis, ovarian kysts and in men with their semen).
There is a real natural support or alternative to FIV, which is far more empowering for all (a medical study showed a 50% success rate within 6 months of a 6 weeks programme involving mindfulness & energy work, this rate increasing to 90% within 2 years).
My programs goes further enabling future parents to discover the beauty and magic of their own body and soul: leaving with accomplishing their own self-transformation, more self-awareness with themselves.

During Pregnancy, the self awareness of BOTH parents become paramount. How many hypnotherapist  / regression therapist unravelled blocages in adults which were created in the womb. The baby is a receptor of all the surrounding vibration: his mother, his father, the lifestyle.

This  Heart & Soul-Based Experience offers to heal and to unleash the beauty of your creative center (which lies): to connect at a deeper level with your heart, to awaken the divine woman and the divine man within.
The body has incredible abilities. Once we start to understand and experience how each of our body's really works on an energetic level, experiencing its innate magic: Perception and Life change. Your natural radiance emerges. I can teach you all of this
* Living a free-er and light-er femininity / Womanhood,
* Stepping into an empowering Manhood
* Teaching and Guiding you through a Unique pregnancy journey potentially one of the most powerful experience you and your partner could get to live.

This safe space is created around the values of Ownership, Kindness, Non-Judgement, Compassion, Adaptability and Confidentiality.

With Love,




Multi Ethnic Girls


  • Embracing your period cycles (releasing pain, ...)

  • Recovering from the guilt and pain of an abortion

  • Recovering from the grief and pain of a miscarriage or a stillbirth

  • Recovering from an hysterectomy, breast or ovarian cancer

  • Recovering from assault

Image by Camylla Battani


  • Preparation {fertility, IVF, healing prior birth, hospital / injection phobia}

  • Pregnancy {healing/ easing the daily discomforts,  developing your energetic connection with baby and your intuition with your body}

  • Birthing {Women / Men -> Mother / Father transition, antenatal & hypnobirthing course}

  • PostPartum {physical, mental and emotional recovery}

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