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Men infertility


Fertility conditions impact both Men and Women: fertility clinics have found out that 50% of their cases are due to men's fertility conditions... and yet no real support is offered to them. Society seems more accepting of women's infertility, but when it comes to men: wooo, the whole manhood is at stake. Men tend to retrieve themselves in their man's cave. Closing up their emotion because it's easier. However, the emotional wound is the same as for the women. The way to handle it, is different. The other important point during the IVF journey, which will be highly tested, is the strenght of the relationship.

It's the reason why I created this dedicated program for men who suffer from the diagnostics of unexplained infertility, semen (Azoospermia, oligospermia,...), testicles (varicocele), hormonal and ejaculation issues. And identical programme will be created for women. It is a programme which comes as a complement and/or alternative to the IVF journey (pending upon the couple choices).

The intention is to shift from a victimhood / hurt / lack mindset (which generates toxicity in the body: releasing stress hormones, impacting the nervous system...) to finding back confidence in the body and in life, to live a more empowering manhood / woman hood, to discover new and uplifting aspects about yourself and your sexuality, to remove the stakes which generate a lot of instrinsic stress in the body.... Making space for life to surprise yourself.

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Empowering fertility journey for men

  • Daily life navigation - how to handle the fears of speaking up and the interaction with family members, to social network and work environment (one never know where / when the "bubble" might explodes when faced with what you are seeking the most)

  • Deep mindset & body stress release (this is the journey) -  to bring back naturally any hormone imbalances, resetting the emotional discharge, shifting the body biology. Removing the stake of pregnancy to lighten up daily life.

  • Communication with your partner - developing a way for you and your partner to be more intimate and open in what you are going through (anger / shame,...). This could prevent a lot of couple separation

  • Befriending and developing sensuality - the role of oxytocin is paramount. Having only "mechanical" intercourses do NOT provide a favourable environment for pregnancy - the entire body vibration KNOWS that it is done under stress conditions and its entire nervous and chemical behaviour is impacted.

  • Supporting your partner through her own treatment - the PROVIDER archetype is part of the primal feature of men. When a man understands that he is the cause of infertility, a feeling of emasculation happens + guilt that he will have his partner to undergo deep treatments and interventions that she would not have needed if all was working well. The programme will provide keys to deal with that guilt and support in an empowering way the next step of the process.


I am based in West London near Hammersmith where i host individual and group sessions. My activities lead me to be frequently in Paris.


In addition to in-person sessions, I do offer my services via Skype, Zoom and other online platforms, in French and in English.

I am reachable at the following email address:

To book a free 20 minutes consultation with me to define your best bespoke, tailored programme, please click below to fill in the pre-questionnaire and then select your day / time.

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