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Conception, Positive Pregnancy & Birth Adventure

The pregnancy and birth experience have the potentiality to be one of the greatest, most powerful and most magical experience that a woman / a couple could get to live in their entire life. 

We have all that inner knowing that Birth can be experienced as an ecstatic moment and yet most of us have so much fear imprinted in our subconscious. My aim is to allow you to drop the pre-conceived ideas that you have around pregnancy & birth and awaken your inner goddess to allow you to live an empowering and magical time.

In developing that innate connection between your heart, your body and your womb, you will allow yourself to live a more intuitive, conscious and connected pregnancy & birth (no matter the type of birth chosen), decreasing fears and stress levels along the journey. Building Trust and Confidence. Involving your partner to become a full actor of this special time.

My programmes are completely bespoke to you, as no one has the same energetics. They involve both partners on all levels who will have individual and coupled sessions (However I do support single mums too). Modules can be taken separately or as an integrated programme.

During my sessions, I mainly use my intuitive skills, my spiritual & energy expertise, which I bridge if necessary with hypnobirthing, and sophrology which aggregate a set of method: relaxation (Jacobson, Schultz), hypnosis (Charcot), sensory perception (Vittoz), short therapy using patient resources (Erikson), Phenomenology (Husserl), Breathing and my knowledge in antenatal / perinatal preparation 

  • Intention setting

  • Releasing Mother & Father family patterning

  • Male & Female Fertility and welcoming womb environment (incl. stress release)

  • Specific program for natural pregnancy and IVF

  • Healing session for pregnancy discomforts

  • Unprogramming Hospital & injections phobia // unprogramming prior births and/or Miscarriage Abortion // releasing stress and building confidence in the birth process

  • Developing a deeper conscious and energetic connection with the body and the baby // capacity of being a mother // capacity of being a father

  • Antenatal (physiology)+ Birth plan + Hypnobirthing course

  • Preparing consciously and energetically for the different possible birth scenarios (natural, medically assisted) to have an empowering experience no matter the circumstances

  • What to do for the first 48h at home (take baby home, different bath technics, what to dress them in, how to breast feed, jaundice, how to measure baby

2nd TERM

1st TERM


3rd TERM

  • Physical presence to guide through the different stages of labor and the respect of the birth plan (like a doula would do)


  • Sophrology : lactation // sleep disorder // tiredness recovery and increasing vitality

  • Healing for a faster physical and emotional recovery

  • Postpartum depression

4th TERM

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AN   empowering BIRTH


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Like everything in life, the first step is about the intention. Intention is not a goal, it is not an objectif. It is a heartfelt desire / knowing. Something that you feel within your soul.

Babies are sponges. The process of learning and assimilation of life starts already before the conception. On an energetic level, once the conscious (or unconscious) decision of having a baby is made, the information on both the mother and father lineages are coming together, merging at a certain frequency which matches a soul to come. There is nothing more magical than creating a life. Allow this time of preparation to be soft, sacred, uplifting.

Creating a fertile (both for women and men) and nurturing womb environment relies on a few points:

  • Reducing your level of stress and anxiety​ (which impacts hormones production as well as the aging pace of your body)

  • Connecting with your womb / your prostate & testis and rebalancing hormonal levels

  • Reprogramming your beliefs and your fears around pregnancy / motherhood / fatherhood

  • Letting go of your ancestral patterns (transgenerational inheritance ranging from physical to emotional behaviors, mental and spiritual) hold in your womb, in your ovaries, in your prostate, in your testis


There is a self responsability in Lighting up yourself to a certain degree before welcoming a new life. Giving him / her a fresh start right from the beginning without unnecessary luggages.

This work is even more important would you have been in the unfortunate situation to experience miscarriages, abortions or other womb trauma. Don't tune this down as all does leave an energetic imprint in your body and unconscious wound (grief, culpability). This is your space to take all from under the carpet lovingly to be transformed and freeing yourself from these past events.

General Preparation


The IVF journey can feel like a physical and emotional warrior path. However eventhough originated from a loving desire to have a baby, often followed by a distressing period. The woman wondering how to stay positive and with the head above the water with all the tests, the procedures, perhaps the miscarriages which would have been highly stressfull. Men tend to shy away in the whole process, reason why my fertility program do have a set of individual sessions with them.

Reasons for IVF are multiples :

  • fertilization support for couples having difficulties to conceive (with their own eggs/sperm or needing to go through a donor)

  • frozen eggs at a younger age,

  • single future mums (often engaging the procedure because of signs of peri-menopause)

  • same sex couple.

No matter the circumstances, the journey will be more or less easy. Often I have encountered women who were having quite a struggle to take it all on board. The angst and the hope. The effects of intense treatments (impact on mood swings) and still having to go to work like nothing is happening (sometimes, this is good particularly to distract the mind and help keep it occupy). The one common denominator being the stress and anxiety, and the confidence in the body ability to conceive and to keep the embryo. This impact both the biology of the men and women.

The work i do impact both the physical body in 

  • optimizing the fertility cycle of both partners

  • creating a welcoming womb environment for the embryo to nest

and the emotional level in​

  • griefing any prior interventions and healing past womb wounds (a miscarriage is traumatic for both partners)

  • replacing stress and anxiety by calm and softness

  • building up confidence in the magic of the body and new perspective

Mental level

  • neutralizing emotionally the interventions to come

The first goal is to alleviate the stressful steps that the IVF requires, give yourself a bit of a breather and space, re-inject pleasure. This will increase the chance of success of the procedure and yet bringing a space to talk, more softness and humanness to what you are experiencing.

Pipetting Samples and Test Tube






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1st Term

The 1st term is filled with a whirlpool of emotions: the excitement of the news, the fear of the loss, the 1st echography, the announcement to the world.

The body can be very co-operative (you might be part of the gang who just surf their pregnancy with grace) or less and hence experience discomfort. I have seen quite some discomfort(s) happening when the baby was of higher frequency than the mum.

A few energy sessions can help the future mother in:

  • reducing these physical discomforts

  • regulate your own body frequency to be more harmonious with the one of baby

We will then cover the following:

  • Approaching the change of identity and reassuring the woman / the man on her / his innate future mother / father skills.

  • Releasing hospital and/or injection phobia

  • Offering a blank page for this new experience with unprogramming prior births and / or miscarriage from the body and mind *** if not done in the preparation phase with me

  • Releasing stress and installing calm & softness

    • particularly if you work in a stressful environment, which baby just absorb all (i have seen quite a few babies upon birth being HYPER due to their mother intense work rythm and stress level). It will help you handle better these external circumstances whilts maintaining peace internally.

    • worries from parenthood

  • Connecting with baby at a soul level for both parents and accompanying the ​change of identity (particularly if 1st baby)

1st term






2nd Term

The 2nd term sees more physical changes and notably the omnipresence of the Bump. It might feel a "safer" phase as the embryo is well nested, less physical discomfort.

Time to really enjoy this pregnancy with some increased self-care. Embracing the natural glow. A softer phase :-).

The 3 month programme include:


Sessions to:

  • Develop a deeper energetic connection with your body and the baby

  • Develop your capacity of being a mother

  • Develop your capacity of being a father

ANtenatal + Hypnobirthing course (KGHypnobirthing: a brilliant 10h-12h course (recommended by midwives, obstetricians, often referred as better than the local NCT course, Recognised by the RCM - Royal College of Midwifery in UK). 2 parts composed of the preparation and biology, and the hypnotherapy.

What is in it for the couple?

  • Explanation of the biology of the birth (muscles involved, the different phases,  )

  • The effect of hormones in the different stages of the birth (hence the importance of creating the best environment possible)

  • Description of the options available to you in the 3 set-ups (home birth, birth in a midwife led unit or obstetric unit) with pros and cons to enable you to make an informed choise

  • The birth plan:the decisions during the entire birth process that you need to take (and not following blindy what the medical staff tells you), and that you can actually choose midwifes that you resonate with and who will support your choices

  • More prepared to have the right level of discussions and to question what is presented to you / seemed inforced by the medical profession during the birth itself

  • Create a new level of intimacy within the couple where both partners play an active part during the entire pregnancy

  • A calmer, more magical and memorable birth experience

  • Develop a strong energetic connection and communication with the baby for both the mother and the partner

What is in it for baby?

  • the birth is a dance between Baby and Mum. The baby is the team player who will give the signals for the labour to start. By allowing Mum to have an understanding of her body and being so in-tune with Baby, the birth will be smoother (easier to handle the surges and the delivery).

  • As mum is calmer and more relaxed during the entire process, babies tend  to be much calmer as well. Their arrival in the world will be based on a blissful energy rather than an anxious energy.

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2nd Term
Water Birth






3rd TERM

The 3rd term ​will see mum having more difficulties to move. Generally a time to finish work at home, preparing the bedroom of the future baby, thinking about names. You will have a lot of people starting to speak to you about their "horrible" birth experience and tones of advices so it will be important to discern what is beneficial to you and cut short stories that are not beneficial. 

Birth can be sometimes unpredictable and your original birth plan alterated. Hence the purpose of this term is to go at a deeper level in the possible scenarios that will unfold on the day. It will help the mother be more sereine and calm.

Also little are being shared in the NCT programmes on the steps which happens post birth, on which we will focus.​

​We will prepare at a deeper level

  • For the different possible birth scenarios (natural or medically assisted) to have an empowered experience NO MATTER the circumstances

  • Get far more in-tune with the magic of the body at an energy level

  • Develop a stronger communication with baby (tuning in her/his energy, developing interactions,...)

And a teaching module on:

  • What to do for the first 48h at home (take baby home, different bath technics, what to dress them in, how to breast feed, jaundice, how to measure baby)

During the birth, I would be:

  • Holding the energetical space

  • Helping setting things up before the midwifes arrive or going to the Midwife Let Unit or the Hospital

  • Leading the relaxation and hypnosis during the labor

  • Ensuring that the birth plan is respected by the medical staff

3rd Term

4th Term

Welcoming a new baby home is a life change. What i hear is that couples think they are ready, but they are not. Postpartum depression kicks in and yet mum usually has a hard time recognizing this is what she is currently experiencing, putting the blame on the "lack of sleep". When it is actually a real emotional distress.

What happens, in truth, is that on an unconscious / subconscious and energetic level, mum is grieving the fact that her baby's energy is no longer within her. The birth created " a hole", an energetic "emptiness" in her field. The natural frequency of a baby is of highest love and purity vibrations (which gives the mother this natural amazing "glow" during pregnancy). All the bodies (physical, emotional, mental) upon birth reacts to this high energy withdrawal like for an addiction..

And then add upon this factor the sleep depravation and perhaps difficulties with the lactation / feeding process.

My support at this stage will be "A la carte" and fully taylored:

  • Energy sessions to support:

    • a faster womb healing and to rebalance the mother energy field to its original blueprint - this will help with the postpartum depression

  • Energy coupled to Sophrology sessions to

    • ease the lactation​

    • facilitate sleep recovery for both parents

    • boost vitaly for both parents

I offer as well a dedicated recovery to heal from a traumatic birth (C-section, forceps, ventouse,..): A healing session combined with a specific sophrology programme to reframe the event and release the fear / the trauma experienced on all levels (body, emotional, mental, spiritual). It will be beneficial particularly in the event of future pregnancies.

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4th term
Contact me


I am based in West London near Hammersmith where i host individual and group sessions. My activities lead me to be frequently in Paris.


In addition to in-person sessions, I do offer my services via Skype, Zoom and other online platforms, in French and in English.

I am reachable at the following email address:

To book a free 20 minutes consultation with me to define your best bespoke, tailored programme, please click below to fill in the pre-questionnaire and then select your day / time.

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