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I have always approached life in an optimistic manner, learning from every single experience and continuously re-inventing myself.

My background is very eclectic. Engineer by training (big science background) with an MBA from Cambridge but deeply caring about people, I have developed some strong healing abilities. Biology and medicine have always been a passion of mine. Reason why I did start my holistic practice aside my international corporate career. I am now working 100% on my wellness practice.

Aside my personal healing abilities which developed naturally, I am an official KGHypnobirthing and mindfulness teacher, Sophrology therapist (you can read more on my below website about this practice), Reiki and energy teacher.

That doesn't characterise me any longer. My energy and consciousness mentoring goes far beyond mainstream practices.

Case studies:

Infertility: "After only her 3rd session, L. fully stopped having panic attacks during the night (waking her 2 to 3 times per night for a good month) and recovered her full 7h of straight sleep. Within the end of the 6 weeks journey with me her periods were back, full authority at work regained (high powered financial company) and new career opportunities materialising."


"V. in a high pressured role, had been sleep deprived for more than 3 months with arising anxiety, feeling transparent at work, and experiencing increased conflicts within her couple. Within 1 session, she flipped everything around improving drastically her communication skills, changing the dynamic of her couple, getting what she wanted at work PLUS her full sleep recovery."

Birth preparation "A. had a prior traumatic birth experience, with a phobia for hospital / any type of medical procedures, experience high stress and chronic pain in her jaw / shoulder / back. Within 1 session the stress and her pain reduced drastically, totally disappeared after the 2nd session, the 3 rd week her fear of medical examination disappeared, massively developed her intuition and connection with the baby. We prepared for the natural birth the remaining of the programme. To her own surprise, my client gave birth fully naturally, midwifes were even impressed, baby was super calm. The mum gained an additional confidence that she now embodies in all area of her life.

My background and testimonial are developed here:

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