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Women Fertility & Womb Healing


Women's creative and most powerful energy center is her womb.


Unfortunately with our current modern life, the womb is a dear and sacred organ that we tend to mistreat: the annoying monthly periods, painful periods, yearly gygy exams, unwanted / forced sexual relations, medical interventions...


All of us do hold a certain amount of trauma which impacts our daily life from handling all our relationships to the ability to get pregnant. There is no judgment. There is no taboo. We all have our own unique story. The wounds of the womb are so impactful on our unconscious psyche and how our life unfold. Shame, guilt, grief do impact the health of our body and the optimal functioning of our cells, our organs. It is paramount to make peace with these past events, to re-establish our self-confidence and self-worth.


It's time to create a new narrative with our consciousness and relationship with body based on compassion, kindness and softness.

During my sessions, I mainly use my intuitive skills, my spiritual & energy expertise, which I bridge if necessary with in antenatal, hypnobirthing, and sophrology which aggregates a set of method: relaxation (Jacobson, Schultz), hypnosis (Charcot), sensory perception (Vittoz), short therapy using patient resources (Erikson), Phenomenology (Husserl), Breathing.

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Making your womb a Happy place

  • Sexual trauma - all our prior intimate relationships leave an imprint in our womb matrix. You may have been forced to do things that you did not want. Lots of guilt and culpability. The sessions will couple body energy work and talking to help you forgive yourself around the events which happened and help reset your story for a fresh start.

  • Abortion -  the reasons leading to this intervention are multiples. Most of the time heartbreaking. The only person allowed to emit a judgment is you. It is your body. It is your journey. A sophrology programme before the intervention can help reduce the anxiety, the stress, bring calmness & clarity and handle the feeling of culpability which the perspective of the procedure will generate. Post-procedure, I do Strongly recommend 2 energy sessions to rebalance the womb and heal any physical and emotional traumatic residuals. It will help to make peace with the little soul too.

  • Miscarriage - holds strong emotional pain and culpabilities. You may experience a decrease of confidence in your natural ability to conceive and perhaps a sense of hopelessness and downheartedness. Particularly, If you had several miscarriages. A healing session coupled with a Sophrology program can help make peace with your body, decrease stress and anxiety around the responsability of getting pregnant and focus on building up a new confidence in your innate ability to conceive by connecting and working "hand in hand" with the womb to create a welcoming and fertile environment.

  • Infertility - conceiving a baby feels like the hardest F-ing thing you would have ever done. It could have already been a VERY long ride for some of you (counting in years). Years of emotional rollercoaster due to ivf hormonal treatments. Heartbreaks, Shame, Struggles, Jealousy. We can change all of this to rebuild confidence in your body, balance hormones naturally, heal your womb (endometriosis, PCOS, traumas) change the narrative of your mind. Bringing you FREEDOM on all levels (physically, emotionally, mentally)... making room for magic to happen. Your mind and your body... YOU ARE THAT POWERFUL!

  • Stillbirth - there is no comparison between situations, however this is probably the hardest and can be devastating with Intense grief. In this case, contact me directly to see how best I can support you.


I am based in West London near Hammersmith where i host individual and group sessions. My activities lead me to be frequently in Paris.


In addition to in-person sessions, I do offer my services via Skype, Zoom and other online platforms, in French and in English.

I am reachable at the following email address:

To book a free 20 minutes consultation with me to define your best bespoke, tailored programme, please click below to fill in the pre-questionnaire and then select your day / time.

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