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Consultation Pre-Questionnaire


My work is dedicated, which is the reason why I help only a limited of clients at a time. 

Results depend on your level of commitment to the work, and most importantly to YOU, that we will be doing together, to your willingness to fully open yourself up without the fear of being judged. The total naked truth kicks off the alchemisation process of healing, of transformation of the body / emotion / mind system.

I carefully select the people who I feel committed and ready to work with me.  It would greatly help if you could provide me with the below information (which remains confidential) for our free 20 minutes call to present each other. Upon this call, our first session will be booked. An immediate down payment will need to be made. The call takes place over Zoom.


Case studies:

Infertility: "After only the 3rd session , L. fully stopped having panic attacks during the night (waking her 2 to 3 times per night for a good month) and recovered her full 7h of straight sleep. Within the end of the 6 weeks journey with me her periods were back, full authority at work regained (high powered financial company) and new career opportunities materialising."


"V. was in a high pressured role, had been sleep deprived for more than 3 months with arising anxiety, feeling transparent at work, and experiencing increased conflicts within her couple. Within 1 session with me, she flipped everything around improving drastically her communication skills, changing the dynamic of her couple, getting what she wanted at work PLUS her full sleep recovery."

Birth preparation "A. had a prior traumatic birth experience, with a phobia for hospital / any type of medical procedures, experience high stress and chronic pain in her jaw / shoulder / back. Within 1 session the stress and her pain reduced drastically, totaly disappeared after the 2nd session. The 3 rd week her fear of medical examination disappeared, massively developped her intuition and connection with the baby. We prepared for the natural birth the remaining of the programme. To her own surprise, my client gave birth fully naturally, midwifes were even impressed, baby was super calm. The mum gained an additional confidence that she now embodies in all area of her life.

The sessions can be done fully Online or In person ( London, Paris). In English and in French.

What is your overall intention with getting in one of the programme?

How may I be able to support you? (multiple choices possible)
Have you / your partner experienced any of the below situation? (multiple selection possible)

Can you provide me with a little more background in regards to your situation : 

  • Medically Assisted Procreation -> Is it the 1st time you are engaging with the procedure? At which stage of the process are you? How are you living it so far? For both male or female fertility diagnosis, please detail what has been identified

  • Preparing for pregnancy -> are you coming from a self-development angle and with an energy awareness? Or is it rather that you are experiencing difficulties to get pregnant? or just curious about the preparation?

  • Pregnancy journey -> Which term, week are you? What is the rough birth date? How are you living your pregnancy so far (discomforts?) Will your partner be fully on-board?​

  • Do you have an awareness of your energetics?

  • Are you doing / Have you done any other holistic therapy / practice before? What worked / did not work for you?

​Emotions, Stress and anxiety do have a strong impact on the health of our bodies including our ability to conceive.

  • What is your current emotional state?

  • If you had to rate your anxiety and stress level on a scale of 0 to 5, what would it be?

  • How is your quality of sleep?

As mentioned in the introduction, this work requires a full commitment in Time, Practice and investment. We would start immediately with scheduling our 1st session.

The prices of my services are the following (Payments in Crypto and payment plans are available, Don't hesitate to enquire) :

  • 3-month journey - individual : 4.000 gbp

  • 3-month journey - couple : 7.000 gbp

  • Online group journey : More information to come

  • Entire conception - fertility / pregnancy / postpartum adventure (1 year) : 28.000 gbp

Thank you for having taken the time to answer these questions. I am very much looking forward to our chat.

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