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Divine Feminine Summit

Your gift

I feel honored to have you here.

That you answered the call from within.

You will see below all the gifts which i prepared for you.

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Join me in the below incredible adventure : 

Journey into the Realm and the true Magick of the Fierce Softness of

the Pinks

A set of frequencies opened to me when I started working with pregnant women, and couples having difficulties with their conception journey. Along the line, I realised that these extremely precious, pure and exquisite frequencies are meant also to support people rebirth into their Divine Human and create the society of tomorrow. It is so pure and elevated that it can feel un-noticed to a lot, awaiting "in your face" transformation.

Sessions & Journeys

One-off Session (2h)

  • £250 instead of £300, using coupon DIVINEFEMININE (at the payment stage)

  • I offer them really sporadically as my purpose is deep sustainable transformation and integration which takes more time.

4 month development journeys

  • Either for your Fertility / Conscious  Pregnancy or Journeying through your own rebirth / transformation

  • Jump on the free call to share with me your story and your wishes. You will receive as a gift of a reduced price (-10%) from the original price.

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