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Starts Wed 22nd April



If you landed on this page, it is likely you’re pregnant and eager to experience a different type of birth journey. A more conscious adventure where both parents are empowered to bring a child to this world. 


Through this online course, my aim is to change your perception of birthing to recognise and embrace your natural ability to give birth. 


Birth is an energetic portal for the Mum and the child as much as the Dad / Partner who can support the event greatly. Let's make it a beautiful and utterly transformational journey for the three of you on ALL LEVELS. (This program caters as well for same sex couples & surrogates).


Your body, your temple holds more strengths than what your mind has been conditioned to believe in our modern occidental societies. My role, as a mentor will be to remind you of the greatness you can accomplish when you activate your inner-gifts for birthing.

Barbara Katz Rothman wrote"Birth is not only about making babies. Birth is about making mothers Strong, Competent, Capable who TRUST themselves & know their INNER STRENGTH." I would extend this to fathers. When a baby is born, so are parents.

I will be able to support as well mum&dad-to-be who experienced prior traumatic birth (in Australia, 1 in 3 women reported a birth trauma !) and/or have fear to give birth (toxophobia).

Hi, I am   Angélique and I will be your mentor...

I’m a trained Doula, Hypnobirthing and Sophrology therapist. I’m qualified in Mindfulness-Based cognitive therapy (MBCT), including in a wide variety of healing modalities such as Reiki, sound healing, crystals, meditation, which I teach separately.


My background as a Mechanical engineer and corporate leader graduated from Cambridge University allows me to teach and explain energetics in a more tangible and practical manner. But what is most important for you to know about me, is I have at heart a passion for helping women/men to open up to and own their extra sensorial gifts.




I want you to get the best of an antenatal, hypnobirthing and postnatal class, magicked-up with energetics!


I want to assist you in embracing your natural aptitude in birthing your child to this world. 

Together, we will be going BEYOND classical hypnobirthing teachings to lay the foundation of energetics and conscious parenting. My intention is to:


  • Empower you in making informed decisions

  • Allow you to trust your intuition 

  • Discover your body magic

  • Communicate with your baby

  • Activate your energetics to reach orgasmic or ecstatic birth

  • Recover gently from your birth

  • Provide a safe place for your postpartum support group


NB. Using these terms may carry a lot of expectations. It is important to highlight this result depends on your level of connection with the wisdom of your body.






  • Understanding your physiological aptitude for birthing

  • Preparing your birth - owning your role

  • Making informed decisions

  • Cultivating Sensuality & Sex

  • Communicating your needs and boundaries powerfully

  • Building your support network

  • Setting expectations



  • Recognising when it's time

  • Embracing each stage of labour

  • Making the most of your Golden Hour

  • Accepting maternity care

  • Leaving the hospital



  • Self-care essentials

  • Embracing your feeding choices

  • Managing PostPartum hormonal changes

  • Nourishing your body

  • Conscious Parenting (importance of the 1st year of baby and your evolution as a couple )

  • Setting sleeping expectations 

PART 2 : LIVE SESSIONS (ante + post natal)

*** WHERE THE MAGIC HAPPENS | 1h30 weekly ***



In each session will involve a full-body method for both partners {physical, emotional, mental and spiritual}

  • 30 min Synthesis of PART 1 Theory + Q&A

  • 30/40 minutes of EXPERIENTIAL activities. My secret sauce ;-)

  • 15/20 minutes Group Sharing experience

EXPERIENTIAL & PRACTICAL soul-mind-body journey for this once-in-a-lifetime birth experience: My secret sauce ;-) full of intuition, magic, rituals full of goodness​.

These sessions will be about mental preparation for birth (incl special preparation under COVID19 circumstances)

Together we will learn how to Become a mother / a father by Upgrading your consciousness, by disolving fears, past traumas, pain, anxiety & Stress into unshakable confidence.

You will learn to Unleash your intuition and Activate consciously your energy -connection with body, communication with baby, engagement during birth and after birth of feminine and masculine energies, sensuality. The secret, the game changer which amplifying our hypnobirthing, sophrology, meditative practices which are bespoke to your specific needs. The key that will allow you to live a transcendental birth & cater for postpartum.

The post partum sessions include among other things:

  • Womb healing post birth to close energetic doorways opened during birth

  • Basic sleep module (its stand alone £750 - a gift I am adding to training)


  • Practical tips & evidence-based support

  • A fearless positive and empowering birth like a badass goddess

  • Reduced Stress or Anxiety level from the 1st session

  • An inner peace along the birth journey whether "Natural" or Medicalized

  • HIGHER CONFIDENCE levels beyond the birth journey

  • A more gentle recovery

  • A Deeper soul-connection with your child for the years to come

​” cannot actively help a woman to give birth. The goal is to avoid disturbing her unnecessarily.” Michel Odent, French surgeon and childbirth specialist.


  • Video Recordings sharing the theory antenatal + perinatal

  • Synthetic sheets to summarise KEY information for both parents

  • Replay of our 8 Weekly Group Zoom calls Prior to Birth + 3 Weekly calls post Birth (So no FOMO if missing 1 session)

  • Your "Homeworks" achieved in between the sessions

  • Memberships in Private Facebook group where you can share more questions, or watch the latest LIVES from me.

  • Whatsapp group per class intake where you can share progress and thoughts (particularly handy during sleepless nights / baby crying ;-) ).




  • Weds: 8h BST, 20h NZST, 17h AEST

  • Starts Wed 22nd April



  • Weds: 17h BST, 13h EDT, 11h CDT, 9h PDT

  • Starts Thursday 23rd April and continues on Wednesdays  


Aurore Tallier " I had a complicated delivery the first time despite my preparation (classic antenatal course) and wanted to avoid having to go through that experience again. With Angelique, I felt supported all the way - not analyzed or treated as a patient. She understood my needs and always made me very comfortable. A safe space for me to unravel all I had on my heart and open (prior miscarriage, hospital phobia, anxiety). All vanished with her sessions. Cherry on the cake: the unimaginable happened, I GAVE BIRTH NATURALLY at the hospital. Powerful and transcendental experience. I am still so surprised."

Yulia Ushakova " Angelique brought me great reassurance and gentle support in my discomfort/doubts. She was very attentive to my body needs and picked up on many patterns. Her approach is integrative of several disciplines - holistic in spirit, practical in application. I would recommend her to any woman who considers a more natural way to be dealing with the pregnancy and delivery, than the traditional medicine is currently offering."

Upcoming Events

  • Magical Art of birthing (EU, USA, Canada)
    Magical Art of birthing (EU, USA, Canada)
    Thu, 23 Apr
    Online Weekly Zoom - Every wednesday
    23 Apr 2020, 17:00 BST
    Online Weekly Zoom - Every wednesday
    A deep, profond & yet practical transformational journey in becoming parents and welcoming a new child. Magick up your 3rd term, your birth and your post natal period. Every Wednesday (except 1st session on Thursday): 17h BST, 9h PDT, 11h CDT, 13h ADT
  • Magical Art of birthing (NZ, Australia, EU)
    Magical Art of birthing (NZ, Australia, EU)
    Wed, 22 Apr
    Online Weekly Zoom - Every wednesday
    22 Apr 2020, 08:00 BST
    Online Weekly Zoom - Every wednesday
    A deep, profond & yet practical transformational journey in becoming parents and welcoming a new child. Magick up your 3rd term, your birth and your post natal period. Every Wednesday : 8h BST, 20h NZST
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